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  • MoneyOI App - Terms of Service

    MoneyOI App - Terms of Service

    MoneyOi App | 07/02/2021 lúc 07:15AM

    Terms of ServiceWelcome to the MONEYOI website (the “Site”). The Site is owned and operated by MONEYOI, Corp. (“MONEYOI,” “Company”, “we”, or “us”). We are making the Site and our mobile applications (“Apps”) (collectively, the “Service”) available to you subject to the following terms and conditions of service (the “Terms”)....
  • MoneyOi: Spend to Earn more

    MoneyOi: Spend to Earn more

    MoneyOi App | 02/08/2019 lúc 10:15AM

    The future is up to your present usage of money and time. Just 2 minutes a day using MoneyOi to make your spending habit well-planned freely. MoneyOi directs you in financial plans and income allocation to focus on reasonable spending of more value in the future.1. MoneyOi is a personal...
  • MoneyOi in Users' review

    MoneyOi in Users' review

    MoneyOi App | 17/07/2019 lúc 16:57PM

    MoneyOi is a mobile app for personal finance management (PFM), following the JARS system by T. Harv Eker. It was launched on Apple store and Google play từ at the end of October, 2018. After 3 months, MoneyOi has seen a significant growth up to 5k users approximately as well...
  • JARS system & MoneyOi

    JARS system & MoneyOi

    MoneyOi App | 17/07/2019 lúc 15:20PM

    JARS system (also named 6-jar method) is a good principle of money management. It guides people to think personal finance among their daily spending activities. However, the practice with paper notes and excel files are really time-consuming for its followers. In addition, lack of interactions such as real-time review and...
  • Theory of JARS system

    Theory of JARS system

    MoneyOi App | 17/07/2019 lúc 17:15PM

    From T. Harv EkerAt my Millionaire Mind Intensive course, and in part of my book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, I teach a very effective money management method— designed specifically to get you to financial freedom.It’s called the JARS money management system.Basically, using this system, you split your money up...
  • Moneyoi App - Privacy Policy

    Moneyoi App - Privacy Policy

    MoneyOi App | 09/04/2019 lúc 21:09PM

    MONEYOI PRIVACY POLICYLast updated September 20, 2021This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how MoneyOI and its related companies (“we,” or “us,” or “Company”) collect, use and share personal information of users of the MONEYOI mobile application (“MONEYOI” or the “App”), this website (the “Site”) and other services provided by the Company...