JARS system & MoneyOi

Day: 17/07/2019 lúc 15:20PM

JARS system (also named 6-jar method) is a good principle of money management. It guides people to think personal finance among their daily spending activities. However, the practice with paper notes and excel files are really time-consuming for its followers. In addition, lack of interactions such as real-time review and reminder discourage people to do frequently.

To solve this issue, MoneyOi App offers an excellent and absolutely-matching tool. Its design is simple, and its operation logic is so basic. Accordingly, the income is auto spilt into 6 jars on the own set-up ratio. Then, via daily inputted expense transactions, each jar’s balance is visualized. Recurring expenditures are also recorded for users to have better and better financial mindset. As a result:

- No more hothead purchase, no more worry

- Always saving and investment for future safety

- Frequent education and give for better yourself

Using MoneyOi is so simple, encouraging and effective. Furthermore, MoneyOi is fee, confidentiality-committed as no advertisements and data trade. Sharing the idea of T. Harveker, MoneyOi makes you success in 6 jar money management, and miracles follows true.

Dang Kim Chinh
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