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Day: 02/08/2019 lúc 10:15AM

The future is up to your present usage of money and time. Just 2 minutes a day using MoneyOi to make your spending habit well-planned freely. MoneyOi directs you in financial plans and income allocation to focus on reasonable spending of more value in the future.

1. MoneyOi is a personal financial management (PFM) app. It educates and enable users with PFM via their daily practice of planning, recording and monitoring their financial situation. Just 2 minutes a day, users gradually have good behaviors, mindset and ability in PFM.

About MoneyOi




2. MoneyOi app follows the 6-jar method by T. Harv Eker which is judged as a good PFM method globally. Following 6-jar method, a person’s income is divided into 6 jars for 6 essential human demand with the recommended percentage: Necessities, Saving, Investment, Education, Play and Give at 55%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10% and 5% respectively. The allocation enables sustainability and long-term approach.

About 6-jar money management method



3. MoneyOi support users with Insights from MoneyOi’s user society. It is reference of how other users in the location and income range set up their jars helps users to improve their spending habit.

4. MoneyOi app is provided free of charge for all users, with currently 4 available languages of English, Germany, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Key features:

Dashboard to know the status of each jar

Society insights

Auto split income into 6 jars

Add - Edit - Delete transactions

Transaction history

Visualized reports

Customized currency code & jar setting

Coach marks

Support via Facebook fanpage

Passcode to protect your info

Touch ID

We always listen to you towards valuing your experience and success in personal finance management.


Dang Kim Chinh
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