How to get a triple-salary raise in 10 years - From US millionaires

Day: 07/07/2020 lúc 12:33PM

The Atlanta-based couple, Julien và Kiersten Saunders got many promotion and triple salary raise in their 10 years with a hospitality company. Then, they quitted their jobs to set up your own business, becoming US millionaires now. 

They share 2 key tips for great promotion and salary up from their own experience. 

No.1: Sharpen your skillset 

“The more value you can add to the company, the easier it will be to ask for a raise. Trying to stay ahead of the curve was always my magic trick. Whenever there were data analysis tools or marketing tools that I felt that I could learn that other people on the team didn’t learn, I made a point to sharpen those skills so I could differentiate myself.”

Learning takes time. Yet new skills benefit the company which makes it easier to give your boss a clear rationale for why you deserve more money.

No.2: Build a network outside of your department

“I was always making sure I had a network outside of my immediate department. Ensure that that network includes the data and analytics people. A lot of people just want to act on the decision that was made, but once you understand the input and the data that led to them coming to that conclusion, that’s how you stay ahead of the curve.”

By talking to people other than your team, you gain a broader understanding of what was going on in the company and how you could help contribute to its larger mission. It all goes back to finding ways to add value to your team and company, they emphasize. The more you know, the more you can contribute. And the more you contribute, the more concrete evidence you have to present to your manager when asking for a raise and explaining why you deserve it.

Source: CNBC

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