Frequent Asked Questions

Q1: How to correct a wrongly-input transaction?

Please come History -> to the transaction -> select Edit (for iOS, slide your finger on the screen from rightside to leftside; for Androi: tap lightly) -> input the correct one.


  • - You can edit Amount and Description only, the other contents are disabled. Also, all transactions of passing months are disabled in editing too. This rule is under approach of accounting and banking standard in finance management.
  • - For recurring transactions, you can edit each transaction as above-mentioned. If you want to change for coming ones, please visit More -> Recurring transaction then do editing therein.
  • - If you do Factory reset, all of your records (including other correct transactions) will be cleared as well. Hence, be careful to choose Reset.

Q2: Why the amounts of each jar see no change after jars-resetting?

When you input an income, that income amount is allocated into jars following the current jar setting. Therefore, once you change the jar setting, next income input will follow the new jar setting. And, the previous income inputs will not be changed to keep discipline in personal finance management, enabling you ahead to success.

If you need to change a past income, please refer to Q1.

Q3: How to do if only 5 jars (or less) are needed?

You can set 0% to the jar that you do not need.

However, Jars system method focus on strategic balance, enable how "Spend to Earn more" in the future by leading you into potential spendings. Accordingly, T. Harv Eker advise you to allocate any income into 6 jars, and consider any expense under one specific jar.

Q4: How to do if more than 6 jars are needed?

MoneyOi follows Jars system (6-jar method) by T. Harv Eker. Accordingly, any spending need for the present and future is allocated into 6 jars, including: Necessities, Saving, Play, Education, Investment, and Give.

We also listen to user feedback about the demand of more than 6 jars. If the demand is significant, we will develop a function to create more jars. Kindly share us your opinion via Feedback function on the app. We are happy to receive your sharing.

Q5: How to change the currency?

Please visit More -> come General setting -> choose Currency -> tap your selection -> press "OK" to complete the currency change.

Q6: How to change the language?

Please visit More -> come General setting -> choose Language. Therein, select the offered languages, including: Vietnamese, English, Spanish, and German. Then, press "OK" to complete the language change.

We are developing MoneyOi in other language version for your good experience with us.

Q7: How to change Jar setting?

For the best user experience, MoneyOi 2 ways to change Jar setting:

  • - Option 1: At More tab, select Jar setting. Therein, you can rename jars and change % jar allocation (by directly input your numbers, or using +- 5% offered).
  • - Option 2: On the screen Add a transaction, select Income. Therein, you can change jar allocation by amount (by directly input your numbers) or % (by directly input your numbers, or using +- 5% offered).

Remark: if you make no change, the system follow the current jar setting in default.

Q8: Why does MoneyOi app work online

For best user experience, when MoneyOi app work online, it enables:

- Data is uploaded directly onto Cloud, which is updated real-time with back-up provision. For cases that a wife and husband share one MoneyOi account for family finance tracking, it allowed the best information sharing.

- Data is synchronized among iOS and Androi on the real-time basis. Hence, whenever an user change her/his phone, data is transferred to the new device at once.

Q9: How is Income - Expense balance by MoneyOi logic

MoneyOi app record total income & expense per month - following the calendar setting of your phone. This logic enables you both in planning and actual records.

For example:

  • - Your income is at every 25th, but your house rental is at the first date of the month. So, you set a recurring income transaction of every 25th as planning.
  • - Then, you can input expenses of plan or actuality. It works well.
  • - Just when the total expense is over the total income, MoneyOi will give an warning and stop to record further as you have no more money in actuality.